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Guide: How to Brand Your Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha and Hookah

Operating within the realm of charcoal manufacturing, we regularly interact with numerous clients, a significant portion of whom express the desire to have charcoal produced with their distinct branding.  This constitutes our fundamental production principle: the creation of charcoal aligned with our customers’ branding. Our services encompass OEM charcoal production and the provision of private label solutions.

1. Verification of Trademark Registration

Initiating the process of procuring charcoal under your brand involves a crucial first step – an assessment of whether the proposed brand name is a registered trademark. For instance, if the desired names for your charcoal brand are DeCoco, it’s crucial to note that these names are already established trademarks. The exciting news is, you can absolutely have your distinctive brand associated with coconut charcoal. We undertake the manufacturing process under your chosen brand (either through OEM or Private Label). To facilitate this process, you’ll need to validate your ownership through pertinent documentation. 

2. Submission of Design in Preferred Formats

Moving on to the subsequent step, we request that you furnish us with your design in either .pdf or .ai formats. This artwork serves as the foundation upon which we’ll craft a pattern design and tailor crate dimensions to your specifications.

3. Defining Product Specifications

The third phase centers on establishing and harmonizing the precise product specifications. We delve into essential aspects such as ash content, ash coloration, maximum humidity levels, and burning duration. Open dialogue and mutual consensus are pivotal in this stage.

4. Charcoal Production and Branding:

The fourth and pivotal step encompasses the actual production of coconut shell charcoal and the incorporation of your designated branding elements. Apart from crafting the branded packaging, we offer the option to include inner plastic encasements with personalized stickers. This strategic placement reinforces your brand’s identity even within the packaging. Furthermore, our capabilities extend to executing a full-color print on the master box, culminating in a visually impactful and distinctive packaging solution.

As an charcoal manufacturer, we are committed to bringing your brand vision to life through a seamless and tailored process. From trademark assessment to design adaptation, product specification alignment, and branding execution, each stage is executed with precision to create coconut charcoal briquettes that resonate with your brand identity. If you are willing to discuss of your needs regarding coconut charcoal briquettes, don’t hesitate to reach us and find out how we can help you.



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